Types Of Window Locks

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When you think about home security, the main things that come to mind are door locks, outdoor lighting, and an alarm system. But do you also have locks on your windows, especially the windows that are located on the ground floor or basement? Burglars will look for any potential entry into a home, and they won't hesitate to go through windows that aren't locked if they can reach them easily. There are several types of window locks that you can have installed by a professional locksmith.

Sliding Locks

This type of lock keeps anyone from being able to open the window, in or out. There are two types of sliding locks. A permanent style has mounts on both sides of the window track, and a wing nut that holds the lock in place. A non-permanent style doesn't have the wing nut, so you can open the window and then lock it into place. That way, you can let some air in without having to open the window all the way and make it a potential entry spot for a burglar.

Sash Locks

This is best for double-hung windows. The lock is located on the side of the bottom window, and fits into the frame of the top window. Depending on the model, it can either be unlocked by turning a knob or by using a key. These locks can be made in many finishes, so they will be less visible than other types of locks as they will blend in with the window frame.

Hinged Sliding Locks

These are also used for double-hung windows. They allow you to partially open a window, but the window can't be opened fully. This way, you have plenty of security even when you want to open the windows and let the fresh air come into your home. This type of lock is made from metal and locks when you open the window.

Window Latches

A lock that can be used for most types of windows is the window latch, and it is one of the most common window locks. It is a simple type of lock, with a groove on one part of the window frame, and a hinge on the other. This type of lock only works when the windows are closed. The hinge moves into the groove, locking the windows. The biggest drawback is that if you do not use a key lock for the latch, it can easily be unlocked by someone trying to gain access to your home. But it is also one of the least expensive types of window locks you can get, and save money by installing it yourself instead of having to call a locksmith.

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