3 Forgotten Reasons You Need A Locksmith After A Power Outage In Your Business

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If you are the owner of a commercial business, a power outage can be an all out nightmare. Not only will you be left to make sure that all customers in the store remain safe and make it to the exits, but you can see a major impact to your business profits for the day as well.

After a power outage, there is no question that you will be ready to get business back up and running as quickly as possible. This means you will likely have all hands on deck, including an electrician, to help you make sure all systems are go so you can open your doors up to customers again. However, there is one professional who should be called after a commercial power outage that you may forget, and that is the commercial locksmith.

Electronic Doors May Have Issues

Most commercial businesses have some type of automatic door in place. When the power goes out, it can cause issues with these doors that you have in your store. Not only could the doors be stuck in an open or closed position, but security locks on these doors could malfunction. Once the power is restored, it is best to have a commercial locksmith like Hicks Safes & Locks Inc come in and reset the doors and locks to keep them functioning properly.

Your Security System May Be Dysfunctional

The security system that you have in place is controlled by electricity and even if you have a backup generator, the changes in power supply during an outage can create problems with the relays that control alarms and surveillance cameras. It is crucial to have your security system checked out before you return to business as usual.

Electronic Register Locks Could Be Adversely Affected

Modern cash registers rely heavily on electricity to function and stay secure because they usually have electronically coded locks. When the power goes out it often disrupts this system and can leave your cash registers either stuck open or jammed closed. You may have to have a locksmith come in and reset the digital locks before you can start using the registers. 

Now that you know how many ways a power outage could cause problems with store locks and securities, you must make sure that you contact a commercial locksmith service for help after a power outage. In a commercial business, there is nothing more important than store safety and security and the locksmith will help you make sure that everything is rightly protected after a power outage.