Misplaced House Keys: The Steps For Picking A Deadbolt & Price For Rekeying

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Did you accidentally lose your house keys when you were at work? A locksmith can rekey the lock, but you may be able to pick the deadbolt before he or she arrives if you can follow simple steps. Find out below how you can pick a deadbolt to get in your house without having to wait on a locksmith.

What Steps Can a Homeowner Follow to Pick a Deadbolt?

The first step to picking a deadbolt is making sure you have the right kind of tools on hand. You will need a pick that is long and curved at the end. A tension wrench is also required to successfully pick the deadbolt. The wrench is a lot like a flat head screwdriver, so a slim screwdriver may work if you don't have a tension wrench as long as it can fit inside the keyhole.

After you have gathered the necessary tools, the next step is placing the tension wrench inside the keyhole to turn it clockwise. Don't remove the wrench after the keyhole is completely turned. With the wrench in the same position, the next step would be to insert the pick inside the keyhole via the curved end of it. Using the pick is the most important part of the process, as it will determine if the door opens or not. Lift up the pins inside the keyhole with the pick until each one clicks.

If you think all of the pins are lifted and in place, the next step is to simply open the door. You can then wait in the comfort of your home until the locksmith arrives to rekey the lock. He or she can also pick the deadbolt if you had a hard time doing it on your own.

What is the Estimated Price to Get a Lock Rekeyed?

You can expect to pay a locksmith a minimum of $40 plus to rekey your lock. Installing a new lock cylinder will cost extra and can average up to $25. Keep in mind that you will also be charged it you want the deadbolt picked before your lock is rekeyed. You will be charged a minimum of $30 plus for the mobile fee and up to $250 if the lock is being picked outside of typical business hours.

It is in your best interest to get more than one key made after your lock has been rekeyed. Get in touch with a locksmith so he or she can promptly assist with your problem!