4 Reasons A Valet Key Is A Must

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How often do you turn your entire set of keys over to a valet? Whether you use a valet service on a routine basis or only on occasion, it is a good idea to invest in a valet key. In most cases, a valet key can only be used to unlock your driver's side door and operate the car. It cannot be used to unlock the glove box or the trunk. Here are four reasons why a valet key is an absolute must. 

1. Prevents Unauthorized Access to Other Keys

Many car thieves wait around patiently. They know during a hotel or a restaurants busiest time that a valet person can step away from a vehicle with the engine running and the key inside. Additionally, bold thieves have been known to portray themselves as the owner of a vehicle and pretend to misplace the claim ticket. While valet attendants are supposed to verify they are given a car to the right owner, this safeguard is occasionally bypassed. 

In either situation, a thief can take off with your car. If you have all your keys on one ring, how easy is that for them to access your home at any time? 

2. Keys Get Lost 

It's not unusual for a valet to misplace your keys. Can you imagine losing the keys to your life? It's not a situation you ever want to find yourself in, and while chances are good that your keys will eventually be found, you can't always count on it. Using a valet key allows you to keep all your most important keys with you at all times. 

3. Not Everyone Is Honest 

From sunglasses and your car charger to a can of Red Bull and even a child's stroller, there are weird things that have disappeared from cars. This can be prevented by locking these items away in the trunk that the valet key cannot open. 

4. Family Members Can Always Have a Key

If you share your vehicle, more than likely you have only one primary key. Transponder keys are expensive to duplicate. And at times, you may only get them from the manufacturer. A simple duplicate valet key is useful to have if you want your family to have access to your vehicle at any time. 

If you are going to use a valet service to park your car, do yourself a favor and use a valet key. It has the potential to save you from numerous headaches, including unauthorized key duplication. If you don't have a valet key for your vehicle, contact a locksmith such as A Aable Locksmith to see if they can create one for you.