Children Home Alone After School? What You Can Do To Keep Them Safe

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When the fun of summer starts to draw to a close, one thing's for sure, school will soon be back in session. If you're a family with older children, this probably means that your children will be spending a few hours alone at home after school. As a parent, ensuring your children are safe until you arrive home is likely your number one priority. Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to help ensure your children are safe and secure.

Security Inspection

Before the school year begins, consider having a locksmith professional come out to your home to perform a security inspection. During the inspection, the locksmith will take the time to examine all the exterior locks of your home looking for any signs of damaged or worn locks. The locksmith will then provide you with detailed feedback as to what locks need to be updated and a recommendation on what type of new locks you can install.

Based on this assessment you can make any necessary upgrades. For example, if you have a child that frequently misplaces their house key, a locksmith can help you upgrade to a more convenient option like a biometric lock system. Having a security inspection performed can give you the confidence that your child will be safe at home alone.

Develop a Plan

Another part of keeping your children safe involves developing a family plan. As a part of this process, you should be outlining details as to what your children should do in the event of an emergency. For example, attach an instruction sheet on the refrigerator or other common area that lists important telephone numbers and steps your children should take if something happens.

Another part of developing a plan should be speaking with a nearby neighbor that your children can contact in the event they need assistance. For example, say a bad accident on the highway delays your arrival home by a couple of hours. Having a neighbor on standby to go over and watch your children until you arrive can be especially helpful. Developing a plan ensures that your children know what to do at every turn.

Even if the overwhelming responsibilities of your professional life prevent you from being home each day when your children arrive from school, rest assured that you can still keep your children safe. Make certain you are making every effort possible to keep your children protected. If you need to speak to a locksmith in your area, visit Big Red Locksmiths.