The Benefits Of A Mortise Lock

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When looking for a sturdy doorknob and lock set, you may encounter entire shelves of different products from major brands. Many outdoor locks exist to provide at least a modicum of security, but there are some older styles that fell out of favor simply due to the cost of materials. A mortise lock offers heavy security and a unique appeal that can add a distinguished aura to any door. Consider a few benefits of a mortise lock and how it can enhance your security.

What Is A Mortise Lock?

To understand what a mortise lock is and what sets it apart from other locks, consider the standard deadbolt lock with a door knob. The door knob and bolt are inserted into fitted holes in the door, with one for the knob and the other for the bolt. The knob turns the bolt, and the bolt has movement area within its bored door hole.

The mortise has a much more involved installation and operation. The doorknob and lock set is a wide block that is installed within the door as a whole, along with other intricate drilling points to allow movement of different parts. 

Mortise locks often use a dual securing system which can have multiple bolts. The top bolt is often the keyed bolt, which fits into a hole in the door frame. The bottom bolt in mortise locks often consists of multiple bars.

Multiple Deadbolt Bars Make Intrusion More Difficult

The point behind having multiple bars is one of increasing cutting difficulty. If a would-be intruder were able to get a sawing tool on a single bolt and get into the metal, the cutting job is more or less continuous progression with rough metal that allows an easier grip of the saw. It's the smooth, outer surface of a door bolt that is difficult to get through.

With multiple bolts, the intruder needs to get started on another surface after breaking through each bar. The longer the intruder has to saw, the more likely you or others nearby may notice.

There are many popular key tumbler brands that are easier to break into due to their popularity. It's a question of exposure; a criminal is more likely to succeed by learning how to break into the most commonly used doors.

If you're using an older mortise lock, you'll need to have it re-keyed. Although the lock itself is quite secure, an older lock tumbling system may be easier to forge. A professional like the ones at Cornerstone Locksmith can make the lock match other doors in the property, but you may want to take this opportunity to change your locks in general. Contact your local locksmith to have a less common keying system used for your mortise lock and all of your other locks.