Will The Locks On Your Home Or Business Protect You From A Burglar?

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One of the most common threats to the security of your home or commercial building is lock bumping. Lock bumping is a technique that uses bump keys to gain access to locks when a key is not available. Bump keys are an easily accessed device that allows a thief to cheaply and easily gain entrance to a locked area without being detected. Any burglar who has access to the internet can do a quick web search to find bump keys for sale and free training videos to instantly learn how to break into homes and businesses. It is important for the security of your home or business to be informed about what lock bump keys are and how locksmiths can help protect your home and business from lock bumping.

How do Bump Keys Work?

A bump key is a key that a thief has had cut down to fit underneath the pins in a lock tumbler.

  • Once the bump key is inserted into the lock, another object, such as a small hammer, is used to tap on the end of the key. The energy transferred to the key from tapping it allows the thief to "bump" the tumbler pins out of the locked position.
  • Once the pins have been bumped, the locking mechanism is released and the thief is able to quickly turn the key and enter your home or business.

Prevent the Risk of Bump Key Use

Bump keys can be used to disable both deadbolts and knob locks. One solution is to have a locksmith install a secondary lock, such as a latch lock. One of the best ways to prevent someone from using a bump key to gain entrance to your property is with a smart lock. Smart locks are made without a tumbler and pins, which prevents the lock from being accessed with a bump key. There are also traditional locks available at hardware and department stores that are bump resistant, but it is recommended that you have a locksmith install the lock to ensure it is completely bump resistant.

If you are unsure about the security of your home or commercial business or if you want to learn more information about the best type of locks for your property, contact a local locksmith like one from Irvine Lock & Key. Locksmiths are not only experienced at inspecting locking devices, but will be able to recommend the best type of locks and other security measures for your home or business.