Three Ways To Avoid Being Locked Out Of Your Home

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Forgetting your key and being locked out of your home is perhaps the most annoying consequence of the fast paced and distraction-filled world that modern society has created. Luckily, there are steps you can take to prevent the problem

Below, you willl find a guide to some actions you can take to avoid being locked out of your home. Following these suggestions should provide you with a great deal of relief if the time ever comes when your forgetfulness adds a challenge to your day and you find yourself stuck between smashing a window and paying for a professional solution.

Camouflage A Spare

Keeping a spare key hidden outside of your home is a challenging proposition, as it obviously presents the risk of being found by people who you don't want to have access to your property. Thankfully, many modern products exist which allow a key to be subtly placed and only accessed by those with special knowledge.

A metal lock box can be hidden inside or near a barbecue grill, concealing it in an area which may be commonly checked. You could also purchase a faux rock with a hidden compartment for key storage, or even consider a secure housing which can be hidden inside a plastic case for a hose reel.

Work With Your Neighbors

Your neighbors can also play a useful role in avoiding a lockout.Setting up a key exchange with your neighbors where each of you holds a spare for the other can give you quick and easy access in the event of a lockout. This has the added benefit of introducing trust and camaraderie and turning your neighborhood into a supportive and close-knit community.

Use Keypad Access

For homes with secured garages or merely modern locks, a physical key may not be necessary at all. While it's easy to forget a small object, it's difficult to forget a unique series of numbers. Relying on numerical keypads on either a garage or a back door to give you access to your home is a great way to avoid lockouts while also cutting down on the risk of intruders, as it's very difficult to steal a series of numbers from someone. If you find yourself frequently forgetting your physical key, consider investing in a numerical keypad.

For more tips on avoiding locking yourself out of your home, contact a professional locksmith company, like Redmond Lock & Key.