Does Your Garage Door Have Burglar-Proof Locks?

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When considering the highest level of home security, many homeowners forget about the locks on their garage door. Most people take for granted the locks that came with their garage door from the manufacturer are dependable and secure. Learn more about the kinds of locks you might consider for your garage door if you are trying to provide your home with the best security.

Beating Thieves Using The Latest Technology

Electronic, fingerprint activated locks are available for your garage door. Electronic locks can store several fingerprints, so if you have a large family, getting in and out this garage door lock is never a problem. While electronic garage door locks are generally more expensive than traditional locks, the security they provide is worth the investment. Choosing electronic locks is an excellent idea for families that live in areas with higher crime rates. An experienced locksmith can install an electronic lock on your garage door.

Keypad Digital Locks For Your Garage Door

If you are considering an upgrade to your home's security without breaking the bank, you might think about the installation of a digital keypad locking system for your garage door. Some digital keypad lock manufacturers promise no intruder can break in when one these locks is on your garage door. Keypads usually have an easy-to-use pad that includes a light for seeing it in the dark. If you have visitors like family over for the weekend, many keypad locks offer a feature for temporary codes. Some keypad locks are designed to lock a deadbolt with the touch of one button, a benefit for those times you may be in a hurry.

Single Cylinder And Double Cylinder Garage Door Deadbolts

Choosing between a single or double cylinder deadbolt for your garage door means you need to think about your typical access habits. A single cylinder deadbolt lock requires one key from the outside to open it, while having a knob on the inside for locking and locking the door. A double cylinder garage door deadbolt requires two separate keys. one for the outside and one for the inside. In most cases, the deadbolt you choose, whether a single or double cylinder, will have two bolts that can be opened using one key.

Bear in mind always the importance of making sure your garage door is secured because thieves can easily access your home using it. If a thief is inside your garage, he or she has a lot of time to get into the access door to your home because no one from the outside can see what is going on  inside your garage.