Forgetfulness? Tips To Help You Stop Losing Your Car Keys

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You keep forgetting where you put your keys, which can cause all kinds of problems, like being late for work. The following guide will offer a few tips to help you stop losing your keys and possibly help you understand why you keep forgetting.  

Understanding Your Forgetfulness

You should know that losing your keys might not mean that you are developing mental issues. In fact, many people suffer from temporary memory lapses from time to time (but you should still talk to your doctor, just to be cautious). A British study found that the average person seems to lose about nine items each day. The items could include things like paperwork, sunglasses and car keys.  

The reason that you might be constantly losing your keys is that you fail to activate your memory, or you might be interfering with memory encoding. Memory is activated by simply focusing on the moment while memory encoding is something that occurs when you purposely tell your brain to remember something. 

Consider the following that may help improve your cognitive functions.

Preventing Memory Loss

You should try not to multi-task, as this could cause you to forget things.  And make sure that your mind is not clouded when you put your keys away. The following are just some things that could cloud your mind and interfere with your brain's ability to activate your memory, or encode a moment:

  • Stress: You can attempt to meditate more often during the day, or have the natural scent of lavender in your home. Lavender helps induce relaxation. You can also try to eat some dark, rich chocolate occasionally, as studies show that it could help you feel a little less anxious.
  • Distractions: Do your best to focus on your keys when you put them away, and repeat the location in your mind before continuing on to a different task.
  • Fatigue: Try to get a good night sleep. One helpful tip is to sleep with temperatures of about 60 to 67 degrees because your brain activates melatonin production with cooler temperatures. Melatonin is a neurotransmitter that helps you get sleepy. 

You can also make sure you have a few extra car keys made that you can entrust to another family member or a friend just as a backup. Consider calling the professionals at One Call Lock & Key for this task. Then use these other ideas to help improve your memory and reduce the number of times that you lose your car keys in the first place.