3 Reasons To Call A Locksmith When You Are Locked Out Of Your Vehicle

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If you are ever locked out of your car because you have lost your keys or have left your keys in the ignition, you may be tempted to ask someone to unlock the vehicle using a a hanger or other device. However, it is usually best to call a locksmith. Here are a few reasons why:

Damages to Your Vehicle

Using a hanger as a makeshift tool to slide into the gap between your window and your car door can result in damage to your vehicle. You may crack your window or  damage the locking mechanism of your door. Either way, the damage could result in an expensive repair. 

At times, even having the door opened to by a police officer or other emergency personnel can result in vehicle damages. It is best to call a locksmith. The lock and key professional will have the tools necessary to open your car door with minimal damage. In addition, if damage inadvertently occurs, the locksmith is likely to be insured. Without this insurance, you or your insurance company will be responsible for damages to the car or truck. If you only have liability insurance, you will have to handle the expenses out-of-pocket.


When a complete stranger offers to help you unlock your car door, you may not know whom you are dealing with. You have no idea of the true intentions of the person offering you assistance. However, when you call a reputable locksmith, you know that a professional has shown up to provide you with a service. If you are unsure of whether or not the locksmith works for a particular company, ask to see his or her card. You can call the number on the card to verify the identity of the person who has come to unlock your car.


If you have left your keys in the vehicle or have lost your keys and you have a child or pet in the car, there is no time to delay. You will want to have the car opened as quickly as possible. A locksmith can rapidly open the door of your vehicle without taking long amounts of time to tamper with locks. In addition, since safety is a concern, he or she will not need to break the windows of your car to gain access. Also, if you have an important appointment, you may not have time to wait.

If you are ever locked out of your vehicle, contact a locksmith in your area such as Roland Park Lock And Key.