Two Unconventional Ways to Get a Broken Key out of Your Company's Door Lock

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If you issue keys that access your company's building to employees and contractors, there is the potential that one of these keyholders could have the key break off inside the door lock. Removing a broken key from your company's lock can be tricky, but there are some unconventional methods you can employ to help you free a broken key.

Here are two unusual (yet often very effective) ways to get a broken key out of your company's door lock in the future.

1. Use a jigsaw blade.

The blades used on a jigsaw can provide the perfect tool to help you extract a broken key from your company's door lock. These blades feature serrations that can be aligned with the biting (the professional term for the grooves along the bottom of a key) of the broken key.

Jigsaw blades are very thin, which will allow you to slide one in alongside the broken key. Once the blade is completely in the lock, turn it slightly until you feel the blade's serrations connect with the biting of the key. Tug gently, and both the key and the blade should come out.

If you aren't able to wiggle a broken key loose using a jigsaw blade, you can contact a commercial locksmith for help. These professionals have access to broken key–extraction tools that function a lot like the jigsaw blade to free broken keys from commercial locks.

2. Use some super glue.

If you can see some of the broken key's shaft protruding from the lock, you may be able to use super glue to salvage your commercial locking mechanism. Gather some super glue, protective gloves, and a piece of thin wire.

Don the gloves to protect your skin from coming into contact with the glue, then place a dab of glue on one end of your wire. Using gentle pressure (and being careful not to force the broken key further back into the locking mechanism), hold the wire end against the exposed section of the broken key until the glue binds the two together. Coat the rest of the exposed key shank with glue, then wrap the wire carefully around the key and allow the glue to create a firm seal.

Once the wire is connected to the key, simply pull on the wire and the broken portion of the key should come out of the lock. If you get some glue inside the locking mechanism, it may be necessary to contact a commercial locksmith to determine if the glue will compromise the functionality of your company's door lock.

Being able to remove a broken key from your company's door lock is a great skill to have. If you find yourself in a situation where do-it-yourself methods aren't effective, you can always contact a licensed commercial locksmith for assistance.