Ways To Handle A Lockout Situation

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Locking yourself out of a home or vehicle may seem unlikely, but it can happen and is stressful when it does. If you're in this situation, these tips can help you de-escalate the situation.

Review All Possible Entry Points

Before you freak out about this lockout situation, see if there are other entry points available other than the entry you're trying to get through. For houses, it could be through the windows if they're not locked.

For vehicles, you might see if you can get the trunk open and then go through to the back. You might find a solution that works, and then you can grab the keys before heading out again. 

A lot of people don't think about all possible entry points and then remain outside locked out longer than they really have to be.

Work With a Locksmith

If there aren't any entry points you can get through and you don't have a spare set of keys, then the only option besides causing damage to your vehicle or property is calling a locksmith. You should be able to find several locksmiths in your area.

Try finding one that is readily available to help you out so that you don't have to wait for lockout services very long. Also make sure they know how to respond to the exact lockout situation you're dealing with, whether it's automotive or residential. With the right hire, you should be able to get where you need to in no time. 

Have Spare Keys Made for Future Lockouts 

If this lockout situation happened because you didn't have spare keys, then you want to rectify this situation and have some made. The same locksmith that you hire for this lockout situation can make you a set of spare keys.

You just need to hand over the original and give them time to work. In a couple of hours, they should have an exact copy that works just as great as the original keys. Then the next time a lockout presents itself, you can use a spare and not have to worry about this situation as much.

Getting locked out isn't something you want to deal with regularly, but it may happen once or twice. If you know the correct protocol for addressing lockouts, you won't have to waste a lot of time or worry about not being able to go about your day. Everything will get settled as it should.