Commercial Access Control Systems Offer Cutting Edge Security For Businesses

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If you are a commercial property owner, security is likely at the forefront of your business concerns. There are a number of ways that commercial properties can become vulnerable to security breaches. Sometimes these breaches occur due to disgruntled employees or clients. They can also occur when there are lax or outdated security measures in place that make businesses targets for theft and other unscrupulous activities. 

Security audits are one way to identify security vulnerabilities. Once they are identified, commercial property owners can consider appropriate upgrades. Commercial access control is one viable way to protect your business. The following points identify a few positive reasons to consider this type of security system for your property.

Eliminate Lost Keys

Traditional locks that require keys can cause issues when keys get lost. Sometimes employees are allowed to take their keys home. Keys lost outside of a business can result in security breaches that may result in vandalism or theft. It can also be a major inconvenience when there are misplaced keys within commercial properties. Choosing an access control system will allow you to utilize cards or key entry modes in place of keys. Cards are hard to duplicate, and most individuals will eventually remember their key code after entering it a few times. If an employee leaves or gets fired, it will be easy to program the system so that their cards or key codes are deactivated.

Activity Logs

Sometimes unexpected events such as theft may occur and employee(s) may be responsible. A commercial access control system will allow you to review activity logs of who accessed privileged areas and when. The timestamps can be valuable in narrowing down potential culprits and holding them accountable for their actions. 

Reduce Operational Costs

Commercial access control systems can be programmed to do more than provide a replacement lock solution. The systems can be programmed to do things such as shut off the power at a certain time of day and turn it back on. This can provide a safe entry when opening the business. It also can provide energy savings especially if you have employees who are prone to leaving lights on. There is also value in not having to worry about replacing locks. The system can be reprogrammed as often as needed.

A commercial locksmith is a good resource to use to learn more about vulnerable areas on your commercial property. They can explain other key factors that make commercial access control systems ideal. Their services include implementing other security options such as video recording to ensure that your property is as safe and theft deterrent as possible.

For more info, contact a local locksmith.