Signs Your Commercial Door Needs Repair

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Commercial doors boost the security of your business by restricting access to your building. Therefore, you need to install well-fitting and perfectly working doors in your business premises. However, these doors may wear out over time due to exposure to weather elements such as rain. Also, constant use of commercial doors may result in physical damage. When your doors get damaged, commercial door repair is necessary. However, you may not know when to perform the repairs. Here are some indicators that your commercial door requires repair.

Lock Problems

Door locks experience a lot of activity as people use them to close or open a door. Hence, the lock may become loose with time or fail to latch correctly. Also, a faulty lock may fail to unlock, preventing people from accessing or exiting your commercial building, which may result in delays. Besides, a damaged lock may not secure your door, allowing unauthorized access inside your business premises. Therefore, you need a locksmith to repair the locks and restore your door's functionality.


Manufacturers make commercial doors from durable materials that can withstand extreme weather. Therefore, if you notice rust on your doors, this means your door is worn out. Rust can make your door look unattractive, or the corrosion may cause the formation of holes on your door with time. Commercial door repair can help eliminate the rust, restoring your door's attractiveness and increasing its lifespan.

Loosely Fitting Doors

When your commercial doors wear out, they may not fit well into their frames. In return, gaps may form between the frame and the door, compromising your business' security. This could be due to extreme temperatures that may cause your doors to warp, or you may be dealing with worn-out hinges or rails. Commercial door repair is important to ensure that the door fits perfectly into the frame. In return, your door works efficiently.

Unusual Noises

Your commercial doors may produce a quiet sound while opening or closing. However, if you notice loud, unusual noises emanating from your door, there might be a problem. For instance, a squeaking sound may mean that the rollers or rails in your automatic door are broken. Also, banging noises indicate some loosely placed or broken door components. Hence, get a commercial door repair service to inspect your door and identify the source of the weird noises. Then, the service will fix the existing problem and eliminate the unusual noises permanently.

The common signs that your commercial door requires repair include unusual noises, rust, lock problems, and loosely fitting doors. Consider contacting a commercial door repair service when you see these indicators, like Redmond's Aviation Lock & Key.