3 Possible Reasons Why Your Car Key Is Not Working

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Everyone has experienced one of those days when you're rushing to get somewhere, but your car won't open. If this happens, your first instinct is to try it several times and figure out why it is not working. Some people get frustrated and try to force the door open, causing further damage to the system and key. The best way to handle these emergencies is by calling an auto locksmith. Here are three common reasons why your car key might fail and how a professional can help you resolve the problem.

Old and Worn Out Keys

A damaged key is a common culprit when your door stops working as it should. Most people think of damage in terms of a broken or severely disfigured little gadget. However, the damage could be as minor as the grooves getting worn down. Your key might stop working with the internal mechanism if it has improper depth. Few people pay enough attention to theirs to see the impact daily use has on them. A locksmith can cut a new version to replace the damaged one for you.

Damaged to the Door's Closing Mechanism

A damaged system should be another suspect when the car keys stop working properly. If your vehicle has a manual type, the breakdown of the cylinder or the assembly often leads to complications when you try to open or shut your doors. You can tell where the problem is by inserting it into the mechanism and turning it. If it revolves but doesn't open the door, you have a problem with the assembly. On the other hand, if the door opens when using a fob but will not when you use the hardware, you have an issue with the cylinder. A locksmith can troubleshoot and resolve this issue for you.

Ignition Cylinder Trouble

The key is connected to both the external door lock and the ignition cylinder. You could have two problems if it does not work when inserted in the ignition. The first could be a problem with the key. However, most of the time, the problem is with the ignition. Check for the immobilizer indicator light on the dashboard to figure out if the issue is the ignition. If there is no light, focus on the closing mechanism by calling a smith. 

It is always best to call a car locksmith—such as Roland Park Lock And Key—when you experience these problems. They have the skills and expertise needed to resolve any key-related issues.