Get A Locksmith To Install A Deadbolt On Your Exterior Doors

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Having a good lock on all your exterior doors is the best way to make sure that your family is going to be safe when they are asleep in their beds. If you want a new deadbolt installed or one replaced, then you should call a locksmith so that the lock is installed correctly. A professional installation is the way to go because you want the lock installation to last as long as possible. What does the installation process look like?

Door Evaluation

The first thing that your locksmith will do is look at your door and the door jamb. The locksmith is looking to see that the door is thick enough for a deadbolt and that there is enough space on the doorjamb for the strike plate. If there is already a deadbolt lockset on your door, then the locksmith won't have to do as much evaluation. Once the evaluation is over, the locksmith will recommend what kind of deadbolt you should have installed on your door. 


The deadbolt should go in a particular area on your door for maximum convenience. In general, that's a few inches above your doorknob. If the locksmith is just replacing a deadbolt, then they won't need to do this step, as long as you are happy with where the lock is located. If you want to have your deadbolt installed in a different section of your door, show the locksmith where on the door you want it. For example, if you have a child who likes to escape, you might want to have your deadbolt installed higher up so that little fingers can't easily reach it. 


After all the evaluating and measuring, it's time to do the actual installation. The locksmith will have a special drill bit that's used to drill the hole. The bit looks like a cookie cutter that is the size of the lock. The locksmith will also cut a hole in the side of the door for the tongue of the lock to go through. When the body of the lock is installed, the locksmith will put a transferrable medium on the tongue of the lock and close the door. Turning the lock while the door is shut will mean the medium transfer to the door jamb, showing exactly where the tongue will strike. That makes it easier to install the strike plate. 

You want your family to be safe when you are at home. A good deadbolt can help with that. Talk to a residential deadbolt lock installation service about which lock is best for you.